LVF House: A Big House with Arrangement of Volumes to Form An Internal Courtyard

LVF House 25

Completed in 2019 with 280 m2 in size, LVF House is a residential project designed by PSV Arquitectura. This big house has a volumetric structure that creates a horseshoe on its ground floor. It is an arrangement of volumes that allows an internal courtyard generation that can illuminate and organize the house.


LVF House 1

LVF House 2

LVF House 3

LVF House 4

LVF House 5

LVF House 6

LVF House 7

LVF House 8

There is a juxtaposed prism that configures the upper floor while the volumes’ arrangement also can allow the correct cohA Biesion of the spaces. The horseshoe formed by the volumetric structure distinguishes and separates two key areas of the daytime housing sector, a purely social, and a more private sector.



LVF House 9

LVF House 10

LVF House 11

LVF House 12

LVF House 13

LVF House 14

LVF House 15

LVF House 16

A more private sector is designed for the daily dining room and kitchen while a purely social one is for the living room and gallery. These spaces are linked by the horseshoe’s central sector, used as a distributor and vertical circulation nucleus. They are also linked by the central courtyard that separated, incorporating lighting and contact with nature as well inside the house.



LVF House 17

LVF House 18

LVF House 19

LVF House 20

LVF House 21

LVF House 22

LVF House 23

LVF House 24

The layout of the social spaces and gallery is related to the land’s background and is not accidental too for its enjoyment and use. The distribution also works in the same way on the upper floor. The vertical core can be found in the center, linking and separating the bedrooms with the main suite to this privacy and independence.

LVF House 25

LVF House 26

LVF House 27

This house also highlights the juxtaposition of the volumes using glass and stone as the base to express the facade. The base is the place where the white prism of the upper volume sits. This house becomes not only comfortable but also unique with its structure and volume.


LVF House Gallery


Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte

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