Jose House: A Single-Storey Terrace House with A Roof Viewing Deck

Jose House 6

It is a typical single-story terrace house located in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Jose House is a 2018 residential project by Fabian Tan Architect with 1275 m2 in size. The brief for this house is to create an open plan on one side and private rooms on the other side. There is also a roof viewing deck that can be used for nighttime hangouts and barbecues.


Jose House 1

Jose House 2

Jose House 3

Jose House 4

Jose House 5

An open plan on one side and private rooms on the other side are separated by a dividing center wall. This project is completed with a restricted budget while the layout of the house uses the existing structure with the addition of a half loft floor. This floor was the existing floor slab for an old water tank originally.

The building’s scale is maintained to match with the existing neighboring house and the roof timber supports are untouched in this project.



Jose House 6

Jose House 7

Jose House 8

Jose House 9

Jose House 10

This house also has a roof viewing deck that used for nighttime hangout and barbecues and designed to be unseen from street level. The ‘U’ shaped seats are made from concrete and also lowered with a glass table. This table is used as a skylight to bring natural light to the center of the house.



Jose House 11

Jose House 12

Jose House 13

Jose House 14

Jose House 15

It is a house that designed through a grandmother’s eyes to recreate her awesome love for light and nature. The ideas are distilled and explored too to create careful and amazing framing of shadow, light, view, void, and relationships. This project is a natural harmonization of the linear spatial qualities of the houses.


Jose House Gallery


Photographer: Ceavs Chua

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