Sebastian Irarrazaval

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Caterpillar House: A Prefabricated House Built from Shipping Containers

Designed for an art collector and his family, Caterpillar House is located on the outskirts of Santiago in a new suburban residential area of Chile. Completed in 2012 by Sebastian Irarrazaval and Erick Caro, this house is built from some shipping containers to reduce construction time and costs.

2Y House: 2Y Diagram for Double Orientations and Awesome Surrounding Views

Completed in 2013 by Sebastián Irarrázaval, 2Y House is a project with a 2Y letters diagram to create double orientations. This diagram also exposes the inhabitant of the house to awesome surrounding views. Timber is chosen for the structure not only because it is a local material but it also can resemble the sense of infinity in forests.