Green Heart – Marina One Singapore: Four High-Rise Buildings with A Compact and Efficient Layout Design

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Located in Singapore, Green Heart – Marina One Singapore is the largest project by Ingenhoven Architects in close cooperation with landscape architects Gustafson Porter + Bowman with 400.000 m² in size. This project is started in 2011 and opened on 15th January 2018 officially. It comprises four high-rise buildings with a compact and efficient layout design complemented by energy-saving ventilation systems.


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This project is an international role model for working and living, creating an innovative contribution to mega-cities’ discourse in tropical regions in the context of climate change and increasing population. It is a high-density building complex with four high-rise buildings that define the Green Heart, a three-dimensional green oasis that reflects the tropical flora’s diversity.

In urban agglomerations, the increase of the world’s population cannot be accommodated without high-rise buildings. The Green Heart comes as a core concept for Marina One, providing a living space close to nature as the largest public landscaped area in the Marina Bay Central Business District of Singapore. The interaction between the garden and the buildings’ geometry can generate an agreeable microclimate and also facilitate natural ventilation.



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The four high-rise buildings accommodate retail functions, residential and office that have been rated under the schemes of LEED Platinum and Green Mark Platinum. The two towers are office towers with a usable floor area of 175,000 square meters while the other two are residential towers that provide penthouses and apartments for 3,000 residents.



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The building complex has an organic shape with generous planting and iconic louvers to contribute to the microclimate and increase biodiversity improvement. The green center is inspired by Asian paddy field terraces, formed by the four towers, creating new habitat and reflecting the tropical flora’s diversity. There are over 350 different types of trees and plants in Green Heart in a landscaped area with 37,000 square meters in size.

Various types of animals also become part of the biological diversity in this project. The landscape architecture is inspired by the natural climate changes, especially at the different vertical levels of a rainforest. It also mimics a beautiful green valley with its variations in climate according to level. Event areas, a food court, supermarket, pool, a fitness club, retail areas, cafes, and restaurants on the different open terraces can provide products and also service to the visitors, residents, and office workers.



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Besides the energy-saving ventilation systems, the design in this project is also complemented by highly effective external solar screening devices and glazing to reduce the solar radiation into the building spaces.

There are also some direct connections to four of Singapore’s six mass rapid transport lines, ensuring the exhaust emissions from private transport are reduced significantly. The building facade and the interior’s color scheme offer earthy and calm bronze shades to support the harmonious atmosphere inside the building.


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Photographer: HG Esch

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