OSG Piter Jelles Leeuwarden: A ‘Double School’ with Brick Facade Segments and Wooden Paneling

OSG Piter Jelles Leeuwarden 2

It is a secondary education project completed by Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur in 2006. OSG Piter Jelles Leeuwarden is 6.425 m2 in size, a ‘double school’ located in the green zone of a North Leeuwarden district. The building has brick facade segments are horizontal markedly while the wooden paneling is lineated inside the building.


OSG Piter Jelles Leeuwarden 1

OSG Piter Jelles Leeuwarden 2

Built on a specially created island, this school also serves as a bridge to education. The school building towers robustly over its awesome surroundings while its facade profile protrudes increasingly. This facade can make the building looks elegant with an abundance of incident light in the central courtyard. The brick facade segments of the building are markedly horizontal, increasing the plasticity.



OSG Piter Jelles Leeuwarden 3

OSG Piter Jelles Leeuwarden 4

Inside the building, there is wooden paneling that lineated likewise. Each school in this building has its own wing that used separately or jointly with the rest of the building. The classrooms can be found along the facades while the building facilities are located at the heart of the building.



OSG Piter Jelles Leeuwarden 5

OSG Piter Jelles Leeuwarden 6

The building facilities don’t need daylight, designed with a pear-shape and a pear-color. There is also a large atrium that centralizes all school functions while the clear building structure is highlighted by the round skylights. The use of glass can create transparency in the classrooms, positioned well so the students are not distracted in studying.


OSG Piter Jelles Leeuwarden Gallery


Photography: Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur

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