Audi Pavilion: A Trade Fair Booth with Triangular Sheets of Security Glass

Audi Pavilion 4

Located in Geneva, Paris, Audi Pavilion is a trade fair booth for the Audi Corporation to display cars in a custom-engineered loop. This booth was a result of an international design competition in 1998 by an architect team from Ingenhoven Architects and partners, executed in 1999 to 2001. Triangular sheets of security glass in different formats are used for the loop surface to allow for select views.


Audi Pavilion 1

Audi Pavilion 2

Audi Corporation is a German luxury car manufacturer and this booth is built at the world’s biggest international motor shows for the car industry in Paris, Geneva, Detroit, Tokyo, and Frankfurt. It is designed in a modular style to be transported, dissembled, and assembled easily.

Audi Pavilion 3

Audi Pavilion 4

The stand is 4,250 sq m in size and it can accommodate a big flor of more than 5,000 visitors per hour. The “loop” of this stand is curved in elevation and plan to create a stable structure and an enveloping effect. Exhibition areas in a variety of sizes are accommodated by the different bays. The second floor is used for bars, restaurants, and lounges, including a children’s club and meeting rooms.



Audi Pavilion 5

Audi Pavilion 6

The loop displays continuity in section and plan, framing the cars perfectly. The unique setting of the Audi loop is defined by the visual communication, guest services, structure, architecture, projections, light, and presentation of cars. A glass facade with a total length of 320 m surrounds the inner presentation space. This facade is made of glass, steel cables, and stainless steel tubes. The notion of a “landscape” is added by the slightly tilted floor while the gates connect all areas of presentation and other functions.



Audi Pavilion 7

Audi Pavilion 8

For the surface of the loop, 12,000 triangular sheets of security glass in 3,000 different formats are used. With transparent and frosted types of glass alternate, select views can be allowed, and at the same time also creating a loop an outline, screen, space definer, and cover all in one perfectly.


Audi Pavilion Gallery


Photography: Ingenhoven Architects

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