Faculty Of Mathematics At Karlsruhe University 4

Faculty of Mathematics at Karlsruhe University: The Refurbishment of the Mathematics Building

Dating from 1964, the Faculty of Mathematics at Karlsruhe University has been upgraded in terms of energy conservation and architectural design by Ingenhoven Architects. It is possible to reduce the consumption of energy by half based on the innovative energy concept. The refurbishment of this Mathematics building is started in 2011 and completed in 2015 in Germany.

Chemical Institute University Heidelberg 2

Institute of Organic Chemistry Heidelberg: A New Building with A Simple, Distinctive, Rectangular Shape

Ingenhoven Architects and Meyer Architects work together for the new building of the Institute of Organic Chemistry Heidelberg in Heidelberg, Germany. The aim of this new building project is to get a high rating according to the standards of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen”. It offers a simple, distinctive, rectangular shape, and it is wrapped in a large screen.

Green Heart Marina One Singapore 6

Green Heart – Marina One Singapore: Four High-Rise Buildings with A Compact and Efficient Layout Design

Located in Singapore, Green Heart – Marina One Singapore is the largest project by Ingenhoven Architects in close cooperation with landscape architects Gustafson Porter + Bowman with 400.000 m² in size. This project is started in 2011 and opened on 15th January 2018 officially. It comprises four high-rise buildings with a compact and efficient layout design complemented by energy-saving ventilation systems.

Audi Pavilion 4

Audi Pavilion: A Trade Fair Booth with Triangular Sheets of Security Glass

Located in Geneva, Paris, Audi Pavilion is a trade fair booth for the Audi Corporation to display cars in a custom-engineered loop. This booth was a result of an international design competition in 1998 by an architect team from Ingenhoven Architects and partners, executed in 1999 to 2001. Triangular sheets of security glass in different formats are used for the loop surface to allow for select views.