Autonomous House, Jan Juc: A Self-Sustaining House with An Environmentally Sound and Eco-Friendly Design Principles

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This house shows Zen Architects‘ commitment to environmentally sound and eco-friendly design principles. Autonomous House is located in Jan Juc, Victoria, proposed by the architect as a house that can harvest its own power and water. The result of this project is a house that is completely self-sustaining.


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With the use of environmentally sound and eco-friendly design principles, this house is proposed by the architect as a house that can harvest its own power and water, including treat its own waste on-site in response to the values of the clients. This proposal also responds to the reality of difficult access to the services.



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This house is positioned where there is a large gumtree has fallen on this rural property. This tree allows north light to penetrate into an otherwise dark and dense canopy. Vegetation removal is also minimized to maintain privacy in the bush setting of the house.



Autonomous House Jan Juc 7

Autonomous House Jan Juc 8

A small footprint is designed for the building to weave between the stunning trees along the well-worn wallaby track. There is also access from all habitable rooms to the articulated north-facing windows for capturing more heat and light including the southern windows for free-flowing cross ventilation. The result of this awesome project is a comfortable and self-sustaining house.


Autonomous House, Jan Juc Gallery


Photographer: Emma Cross & Sharyn Cairns

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