Folded Studio: New Contemporary Studio with A ‘Folded’ Roof

Folded Studio 9

Folded Studio is a new contemporary studio located in Essex. It consists of accommodation like a potting room and also a home office. The design of this building is made to take an advantage from the natural daylight. With the clerestory window, Folded Stuiod is wrapped in a beautiful and elegant style. The final result makes this new studio looks awesome both in day and night.


Folded Studio 9

Folded Studio 2

The design of Folded Studio is based on the natural daylight that can come into the building interior. The daylight can come into the building through the large windows. The windows also offer a beautiful view inside the building.



Folded Studio 6

Folded Studio 1

Folded Studio 7

The ‘folded’ roof is made for a good reason. It is designed to let the daylight comes continuously into the studio. It is also used to celebrate the rainwater collection. The rainwater is collected for the vegetable garden on the studio site.



Folded Studio 4

Folded Studio 10

The construction of Folded Studio is designed with low-cost materials. The bitumen sheet is used for the roof. The architect also uses polycarbonate for the spruce and clerestory ply linings of the building. With this low-cost materials, the construction process can save more budget nicely.



Folded Studio 11

Folded Studio 8

Folded Studio surely has a fantastic landscape. The large area with an open sky offers an adorable view around the studio. In the evening, the blue sky turns dark beautifully. And at night, the fantastic stars can be seen clearly with eyes.



Folded Studio 5

This sketch shows how the first design plan in a simple image for the Folded Studio. The ‘folded’ roof is drawn simpler with the building design too. The trees around the building studio will make the exterior doesn’t feel too empty.

Via invisiblestudio

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