7 Stunning Big Cozy Bedroom Ideas

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There are many things that you can do to make your big bedroom feels cozy such as defining the zones, creating a reading nook, adding some greeneries or beautiful lightings, and much more. The key is how you can use the big space provided as best as possible. Here are some stunning big cozy bedrooms that can inspire you.

1. The House Black & White by Egle Prunskaite

The House Black & White 14

Fur rugs are used to design and beautify this big cozy bedroom in The House Black & White. The black and white theme is also applied in this room through the furniture, the painting of the wall, and also the headboard. The wooden floor helps this room to provide a warmer feeling.


2. Oak Pass Main by Trent Laughton, Ted Leviss, and Noah Walker

Oak Pass Main 10

The big cozy bedroom in Oak Pass Main is created by using wood materials to design the interior of the room. These materials can beautify the wall and floor of the room. The same material is also chosen for the bed. Through the glazed doors, the owner of the room can enjoy the view right from this room.


3. HAUS WALDE by Gogl Architekten


This single-family house has a big cozy bedroom designed with earthly materials. In order to create a balance with the awesome surrounding nature, the bedroom of HAUS WALDE offers a coziness with the awesome view that can be seen easily through the glazed walls.


4. Vasco da Gama by Verum Atelier

Vasco Da Gama 5

It is a modern apartment with a big cozy bedroom with a pretty soft color. Both the wall and bed comes in white while the door and window are designed in a beautiful blue. The storage and the floor of this room in Vasco da Gama are designed with the same material: wood.


5. The Bloemgracht Loft by Standard Studio

The Bloemgracht Loft 1

When you have a small bathroom in your bedroom but you still want to have a big bathtub, you can put it near your bed next to the window just like in The Bloemgracht Loft. It is a loft house with a big cozy bedroom that has a high ceiling and exposed beams on it.


6. Penthouse in Costa Blanca by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Penthouse In Costa Blanca 13

The big cozy bedroom in this penthouse is beautiful in white. Penthouse in Costa Blanca offers a big bedroom that comes in a white appearance on its bed and wall. Some parts of the wall are made in black granite while the floor is designed with elegant white granite tiles.


7. Apartment Avenida Paulista by Felipe Hess Arquitetos

Apartment Avenida Paulista 7

Apartment Avenida Paulista is a modern apartment with a light and airy palette of off-white tones. These tones are also used to its big cozy bedroom, especially on the wall and bed of the room. This big bedroom is decorated with a lot of artistic frames and unique small figures.

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