The House Black & White: Elegant Interior of A Big House with Useful Loft

The House Black & White 16

Another awesome interior project by Egle Prunskaite in 2017, it is called the House Black & White. This big house is located in Vilnius and designed with an elegant interior. It has a large loft which is very useful as additional space that can be used as a bedroom for the owner and nursery.


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The interior is elegant with a lot of interesting things. Each room is designed in an elegant interior with different uniqueness. The architect also uses some different materials to design each room in this house, creating an interesting look all over the house space, including the loft area.



The House Black & White 16

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The master bedroom is housed in the loft. This loft is designed with exposed beams on the ceiling. The same beams are also used to beautify the bathroom interior. This loft is painted in white for the whole surface of ceiling and wall, it contrasts with the bathroom look that designed with a beautiful pattern.



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The kitchen, dining area, and living room are designed with modern interior in the same style. The grey, black, and white furniture dominate all spaces in the main area. In the kitchen, a black wooden table is added and attached on the kitchen island, creating an additional place to enjoy the foods near the kitchen.



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It will be too plain and boring when all of the walls in this house are painted in white. So the architect uses one side of the living room wall to be designed with an artistic pattern. With the black hanging fireplace, the living room not only feels warm but also looks unique. The grey sofa also looks perfect with the green pillows on it.



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The House Black & White 3

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In the studying room and bathroom, the use of brighter color can be seen more clearly. The yellow sofa and world map wallpaper behind it match well for this studying room. The same color is also used to beautify the bathroom, especially the wall behind the toilet and sink with yellow tiles. In the nursery, the green line pattern wallpaper on the wall can make this room looks more adorable.

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