The Ultimate Home Inspection Checklist: 5 Things Every Buyer Should Verify

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Touring a house is often more like a quick rush for the buyers but it always makes sense to be careful about a property you want to buy. After all, it is a major investment that would probably stay with you for a lifetime. Even while you may be drooling over the features you love in a place, you also need to pay attention to the potential shortcomings. While a professional home inspection is a must, you must have a checklist to follow during the initial walk-through stage. Here are the possible suspicious spots that an ultimate home inspection checklist must include.

Structure and exteriors

Perhaps the most important aspect of a home inspection is structure and exteriors because these indicate the strength of the house. Start by having a good look at the foundation and verify that there are no cracks and shifts. Assess the condition of the drainage and check the landscaping and septic tanks as well. Pay close attention to the signs of termite damage or rotted wood because they are easy to miss. Have a good look at the roofing and ask when it was last replaced.


After you are through with the inspection of the exteriors, it is time to have a close look at the home interiors. Check the flooring, walls, and ceilings and electrical fittings to assess the need for repair or replacement. Inspect the entire house room-wise and don’t miss out on the attic and storage areas. Pay attention to hidden signs of leakage and pests. Do not overlook sounds and smells because they can spell major trouble.

Heating and cooling

It is easy to forget about heating and cooling when you visit the house for initial showings but they should be a part of your inspection checklist. Start by checking the systems in place and finding whether they are functional. Experts at Triple Check Home Inspections recommend that you should go the extra mile and look for the system’s manufacturing date. Knowing all about warranties also helps because you wouldn’t want to deal with an aging HVAC system just when you move in.


A complete checkup for the electrical is essential as it is vital from the comfort and safety perspective. Ensure that all light switches work and all the outlets are grounded. Be extra vigilant if you are looking at an old house with aged electrical panels. Outdated wiring can be a major hazard and you will also need to go through the hassles of replacement or upgrades.


Although you may be unaware of the potential threats of faulty plumbing, this is an aspect you shouldn’t overlook. Leaking pipes can cause structural damage to the place eventually and also open the risk of flooding. You can well imagine how expensive repairs would be. Look for the signs of rust and damage of pipes, clogging of basins and toilets and leakages, and mold formation on the walls and ceilings.

A proper home inspection is vital for buyers who want to make well-informed home-buying decisions. While it can help you with the choice of the right property, you can use the information for price bargaining as well.

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