11 Incredible Modern Beach Houses

Austinmer Beach House 6

A modern beach house is a perfect type of house for those who want to enjoy a long holiday and the stunning views of the beach. This house usually comes with open wide spaces and a lot of windows or glazed walls to let the residents easy to see the stunning surrounding landscape from inside the house. If you want to have your own beach house, these incredible modern beach houses below can be your main inspirations to start.

1. Northern Rivers Beach House by REFRESH DESIGN

Northern Rivers Beach House 8

Located in a small area, this modern beach house is designed with a low budget and restrictions due to flooding. Northern Rivers Beach House has a cantilevered structure with a very economical and bridge-like architecture. This architecture can inspire an interesting and soaring visual effect to the house.


2. Meadow Beach House by Andrew Franz Architect

Meadow Beach House 16

Designed as a family retreat, Meadow Beach House is crafted with lasting materials to respond to its beachside meadow setting. With the multiple smaller volumes, this modern beach house is also designed to celebrate and capture the ever-changing breezes, light, and views.


3. St Andrews Beach House by Austin Maynard Architects

St Andrews Beach House 55

St Andrews Beach House is designed as a two-storey circular holiday home surrounded by multiple outlooks around the site. It is a modern beach house a unique circular design that offers serenity and seclusion near a wildly beautiful coastline. The design also takes a lot of advantages of the stunning views and the remoteness of the site.


4. Corymbia by Paul Butterworth Architect

Corymbia 12

This new modern beach house has a series of large hardwood doors and also voluminous light-filled living spaces. Corymbia also offers unique indoor/outdoor bathing spaces, cozy plywood-lined bedrooms, and comfortable reading nooks. It becomes a physical and ideological retreat for family and friends.


5. Austinmer Beach House by Alexander Symes Architect

Austinmer Beach House 1

The architect designs Austinmer Beach House as a low ecological impact family home. It has three distinct elements and each element offers a different function. The house building is also retained for re-use to create a high performance, sustainable family home with low environmental impact materials and high recycled content.


6. Kawakawa House Piha by Herbst Architects

Kawakawa House Piha 15

All of the living functions in Kawakawa House Piha are lifted onto its upper level. It is a modern beach house with the spectacular natural environment that can be seen easily through the continuous clerestory window. A simple rectangle plan is made with an open central courtyard to let the warm light enter the house space easily.


7. Castle Rock House by Herbst Architects

Castle Rock House 1

Sits beautifully below a mountain, above a beach, and nest to a mature pohutukawa, Castle Rock House is a modern beach house with a range of animated spaces and sibling pavilions. This house is designed not only as a convenient place for living but also as a place with a lot of enjoyment of the physical experience.


8. Hale Punanue

Hale Punanue 14

Located in Haleiwa, Hawaii, this modern beach house provides a luxury experience with stunning views that can be enjoyed from each room. Most of the house walls in Hale Punanue are designed with a glass material in order to get some great benefits from the awesome landscape.


9. Macmasters Beach House by Arent & Pyke

Macmasters Beach House 10

This modern beach house is beautified with a minimalist interior and a cherished environment without eliminating the beach style in every corner of the space. Macmasters Beach House is an Australian beach house that has a simple, soft, and also cozy interior supported by a beautiful wood material and furniture.


10. Bronte Beach House by Arent & Pyke

Bronte Beach House 2

An awesome modern interior with a new visual language can be seen in Bronte Beach House. It is a modern beach house designed as a family home that is colorful and full of arts and patterns. The bespoke interior elements are combined with richly layered to bring more intrigue, joy, and fun into this beach house.


11. Ocean Residence by FMD Architects

Ocean Residence A Beach House That Merges An Interior And Exterior Surrounding Landscape 9

It is a modern weekend beach house designed as a home for a semi-retired couple. Ocean Residence has an interior landscape that merges with the surrounding external landscape. The local environment is reflected through the chosen materials and colors. The house atmosphere that resembles the surrounding area also can be created through the house materials such as natural timbers, texture tiles, local stone, and muted stones.

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