7 Stylish Loft Interior Design Ideas

The House Black & White 2

In interior design, a loft is a modern urban style’s name. It is characterized by a lot of industrial elements and a spacious space. Loft ideas interior design usually comes with exposed beams, high ceilings, and raw materials. In a loft, you can create a home library, a comfortable sitting area, a home office, or a study area. If you need more inspirations to design the interior of your own loft, here are some stylish loft ideas interior design for you.

1. The Bloemgracht Loft by Standard Studio

The Bloemgracht Loft 3

The loft ideas interior design in this project is about creating an open-plan interior to bring a new look. The Bloemgracht Loft has a sense of nostalgia and a warm atmosphere comes from the wooden beams. The result is a harmonious beautiful interior with stunning contrast.


2. NH25 Loft by Standard Studio

NH25 Loft 4

located in the city center of Amsterdam, NH25 Loft is designed to provide a lot of lights to the spaces through the six extra big roof lights. The result of the loft ideas interior design in this project is a bright interior vibrant open floorplan. This loft is also built without any windows.


3. The House Black & White by Egle Prunskaite

The House Black & White 17

It is a big house with an elegant interior. The loft ideas interior design of The House Black & White is about adding an additional space created in its large loft. This loft is beautified with exposed beams, white walls, and a warm wooden floor. There is also a small living area too in this loft with flat TV and a warm rug.


4. A Painter’s Modern Loft

A Painter's Modern Loft 11

This modern loft is owned by a painter who has been living in it for six months. The loft ideas interior design in A Painter’s Modern Loft is a combination of a minimalist interior with light-filled space to provide an inspiring and stimulating atmosphere.


5. Gentle House by Monotello

Gentle House 8

The entire building of Gentle House is designed with a contemporary interior. The loft ideas interior design for its small loft comes with a high ceiling construction. The interior design is supported by the use of different materials and colors, creating an awesome balanced look inside.


6. Loft ESN by Ippolito Fleitz Group

Loft ESN 18

It is a lovely residential loft located in the famous residential complex surrounded by attractive hillside situation. Loft ESN becomes a new home for a family with two little children. The contemporary interior design in this project is combined with a work-life balance concept to provide a comfortable living place.


7. Bring in The Light by i29 Interior Architects

Bring In The Light 8

This spacious loft is transformed into a spacious and fresh loft with modern interior design and natural light. Bring in The Light has all-white surfaces in its floor, wall, and ceiling. While the bespoke furniture comes with a simple white and black colors that combined with other wooden furniture.

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