Castle Rock House: A Beach House with Sibling Pavilions and A Range of Animated Spaces

Castle Rock House 10

Castle Rock House sits beautifully below a mountain, above a beach, and nest to a mature pohutukawa. Designed by Herbst Architects, this beach house has sibling pavilions and a range of animated spaces. The architect believes that this house should not only a convenient place for living but also a place with a lot of enjoyment of the physical experience.


Castle Rock House 1

Castle Rock House 2

Castle Rock House 3

The sibling pavilions of this house have different functions: one for living and the other for sleeping. For the design, the architect focuses on providing enjoyment of the physical experience than a convenience feeling. This feeling will surely come after experiencing enjoyment inside the house. This house requires a lot of things to repaired to meet the needs of its inhabitants.



Castle Rock House 4

Castle Rock House 5

Castle Rock House 6

The shutters and screens may be manipulated in order to provide light, warm, shade, and shelter. The inhabitants are also rewarded with a range of animated spaces to suit the most climatic circumstances and the moods being in a beach house. This project turns the house into a perfect place for summer, especially on New-Zealand’s north-eastern coast.



Castle Rock House 7

Castle Rock House 8

Castle Rock House 9

The house structure is dominated by wood materials, including the furniture. Open spaces with awesome views are given to deliver a perfect place to relax. Lighting is also chosen and placed carefully to create a romantic atmosphere when night comes. Situated on a hill can give the inhabitants a lot of advantages to get the best views of the beach and surrounding landscape.


Castle Rock House

Castle Rock House 10

Castle Rock House 11

Castle Rock House 12

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