Late Night Tales: A Temporary Rental Housing with Bright Interiors and Beautiful Mirror Effects

Late Night Tales 3

Joaquín Juberías and Víctor Cano Ciborro work together in this 2017 project that located in Valencia, Spain. Late Night Tales is a 2017 project of temporary rental housing. The aim of this project is to provide shelter for one or more inhabitants in a temporal period. With bright interiors and beautiful effects made by the mirror, this house is perfect for all anonymous inhabitants.


Late Night Tales 1

Late Night Tales 2

Late Night Tales 3

In architecture, a basic concept of housing tends towards an idea with a purpose to design and provide shelter for one or more inhabitants in a temporal period. This period can extend from the middle to the long term. The question is what terms would the architecture use when a dwelling responds to some inhabitants in short periods of time? And what available tools when the inhabitants are superabundance?



Late Night Tales 4

Late Night Tales 5

Late Night Tales 6

This temporary rental housing can give rise to the concerns due to the multiple links between inhabitants, temporal, spaces, and producers of intensity. The challenge is spatial practices closer to summer excess than to routine a situation of anonymous inhabitants, so this project focuses on the effects and actions presented for the inhabitants.



Late Night Tales 7

Late Night Tales 8

The distortion of the mirror or by the sensation of a greenish ceramic space can create an awesome effect in this rental housing where brightness floods everything. There are also doors that almost triple a human height and a light metal staircase that expands the spatial perception. In the bathroom, a unique form of the tiles is repeated on all surfaces of the floor, wall, and ceiling.


Late Night Tales Gallery

Photographer: Germán Cabo

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