Bitran House: A Holiday House with An Awesome View of the Pacific Ocean

Bitran House 1

Collaborating with Baltazar Sanchez, Mathias Klotz has designed Bitran and Massai houses in Chile. These houses are two independent projects on an explicit slope on the beach of Cachagua with an awesome view of the Pacific Ocean.


Bitran House 1

Bitran House 2

Bitran House 3

Both of the houses are used as holiday houses. There has been no interaction between the clients exists and the functional programs although the houses are located in two neighboring sites with similar programs. The only relationship is that these houses respect the same views.



Bitran House 4

Bitran House 5

The aim of this project is to obtain that these houses are a simple sum of these. The similar things in these houses are the materials, structures, norms, and width of the lots.  The difference is that each house represents the way each user lives with their own lifestyle.


Bitran House 6

Bitran House 7

It is an awesome project that creates a difference-making from two sisters who are complemented each other, not two confused Siamese twins.


Bitran House Gallery


Images Source: MATHIAS KLOTZ

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