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Summer House: A Modern Cottage with North and East Windows for Natural Sight

Started in 2012 and completed in 2014, Summer House is a residential project designed by minusplus. This modern cottage is located in Hungary with an amazing panorama of the Danube. Supported by the beautiful site, north and east windows are designed for natural sight.

Nursery in Nagykovácsi: A Modern Nursery with Archetypical Form of Rural Houses

Completed in 2015, Nursery in Nagykovácsi is a public building and education project by Foldes Architects. This modern nursery is located in Hungary with 760 sqm in size. The archetypical form of rural houses is chosen to design the building and the scale of the village is also preserved during the design phase.

Kemenes Volcano Visitor Centre: An Iconic Public Building with the Spirit and Essence of A Volcano

Hungary is not rich in active volcanos but its large expanse used to be volcanic some 5 million years ago. It makes this country has good quality soil for high-level wine production. Kemenes Volcano Visitor Centre is an iconic public building located in this country, in the fifth largest town called Celldömölk. This building is designed by Foldes Architects in 2019 with the spirit and essence of a volcano on its interior, structure, and design.

The Long Brick House: A Retirement House with A Giant Bookshelf and Thick Brick Wall

The Long Brick House is a retirement house located in Pilisborosjeno, a town some 15 km to North Buda in Hungary. With 138 m2 in size, this house is owned by an intellectual couple that has a length of books something like 100 meters. They finally have found the best location for retirement in a rich natural environment. Designed by Foldes Architects and completed in 2013, this house offers an interesting look with its 50 cm thick brick wall.