13 Awesome Minimalist Decorating Ideas

P3 Apartment 3

Minimalism means living with less, so a minimalist decorating idea is an idea to design your house with less decoration. Sometimes, a house doesn’t need a lot of decorations to complete its design or to make it more stylish. Using less decoration in a simple and easy way can be more effective in your house. If you want to try this simple idea to your house, here are some awesome minimalist decorating ideas to inspire you.

1. RUTLEDGE by Blue Truck Studio


Put a pot of flower on your kitchen island or a pot of green plant at the corner of the room is a minimalist decorating idea too, just like the kitchen area in RUTLEDGE by Blur Truck Studio. For the wall, you can add an artistic frame and for the room lighting, using one big unique light is enough to create a decorative look.


2. TLV Apartment 5 by Studio Perri Interior Design

TLV Apartment 5 10

This modern urban apartment is designed by Studio Perri Interior Design with a minimalist design, especially the interior. In order to complete this design, the architect also used a minimalist decorating idea too for TLV Apartment 5. The greeneries are added around the flat TV while some pots of plants are placed at the corner of the room. Frames are also used to decorate the wall while the living area floor is warmed by a grey rug.


3. Apartamento Itaim by Tria Arquitetura

Apartamento Itaim 15

There is no wall decoration in the living area of Apartamento Itaim. The white walls give a natural accent to this room, combined with the white curtains for the windows. The minimalist decorating idea in this room comes from the greenery pots, a unique table at the corner, and also a large warm rug on the floor. It seems plain and not colorful, but it is perfect.


4. Apartamento Salvador Cardoso by Tria Arquitetura

Apartamento Salvador Cardoso 4

Apartamento Salvador Cardoso by Tria Arquitetura is a minimalist apartment with unique and artistic decorations. It has a minimalist decorating but it is not plain. There are two artistic paintings in the living room, added on the white walls. Some unique furniture is also chosen to create a stylish room without adding more decoration to it.


5. Cazo Apartment by Studio BRA

Cazo Apartment 1

In Cazo Apartment, Studio BRA only plays with the colors from the house elements to decor and beautify the house. The pretty color from the wooden furniture, grey sofa, white ceiling, and blue kitchen storage are combined to decorate the interior. No more decoration, no more things inside the room. A minimalist decorating idea for a house with limited space.


6. P3 Apartment by DA Design & Architecture

P3 Apartment 3

A minimalist modern interior in P3 Apartment can create a bright and warm atmosphere. Playing with the color of the furniture, using wood materials to design the wall, floor, and shelves, are a simple idea to create an attractive interior. By adding some different lightings also can bring a unique effect to the rooms.


7. F12 Apartment by DA Design & Architecture

F12 Apartment 6

This apartment has a minimalist Scandinavian interior with modern architecture. So for its decoration, F12 Apartment uses a minimalist decorating idea to create a more simple look within its Scandinavian style. Dominated in white, the interior also uses other soft colors that come from its furniture such as green chairs and wooden storage.


8. Mans’s Home by Prusta Ltd Architecture & Construction and Ieva Prunskaite

Mans's Home 14

The minimalist interior in Mans’s Home is supported by a minimalist decoration idea by adding simple decoration. Some frames are added to the living room with its black-white appearance. These colors are matched with the grey sofa, black pillows, white walls, and wooden floors. It is a simple decoration but matches well with the room interior.


9. The Sounding Space by Ieva Prunskaite from Prusta

The Sounding Space 17

A minimalist, modern, and industrial design are combined in The Sounding Space. Following this combination, the minimalist decorating idea in this project also comes in a modern and industrial decoration with unique patterns and colors. The architect also uses oriental elements to provide an alive, real, and natural look.


10. Clutch West by Costa Brown Architecture

Clutch West 6

The minimalist interior in Clutch West is beautified with a minimalist decorating too. The minimalist decorating idea in this five-storey residence is to bring a colorful atmosphere through some elements such as the color of the wall and the wooden furniture that completed with the wooden floor.


11. Rosic Apartment by Bloomint Interior Design

Rosic Apartment 11

The inspiration for the minimalist interior in this apartment comes from the neighborhood’s history. Rosic Apartment by Bloomint Interior Design has a design with the same contrast of the buildings in the Born district. Without any frames or colorful decoration, this apartment already offers a beautiful design through its rustic furniture and patterned tiles.


12. Minimalist Apartment by IDwhite

Minimalist Apartment 2

Usually, a minimalist apartment will have a minimalist decoration too. In Minimalist Apartment, the minimalist decorating idea can bring a bright and modern style to its space. The kitchen, dining, and living area are located in one space and only decorated with two small pots of plants and simple lighting.


13. Wood & Marble by Nottdesign

Wood & Marble 8

Wood & Marble is a project of a minimalist apartment by Nottdesign. The interior of this apartment is elegant and modern, beautified in bold colors of white and black. No frames or pot of plants, just simple lighting, and a striped rug. It is a minimalist decorating idea that is perfect for a modern house and apartment.

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