F12 Apartment: A New Flat with Minimalist Scandinavian Interior and Modern Architecture

F12 Apartment 9

F12 Apartment is located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The minimalist Scandinavian interior in this new flat is designed by DA Design & Architecture. As a living place, this apartment is also built with modern architecture, offering a stylish place to live and stay. Even though this apartment doesn’t have a large space but the interior design looks larger than it seems.


F12 Apartment 1

F12 Apartment 2

DA Design & Architecture combines minimalist and Scandinavian interior to this apartment. This combination will make the space larger and also comfortable. They use neutral colors, wood materials, fabric elements, and also fewer details to strength the Scandinavian design for the F12 apartment interior.



F12 Apartment 3

F12 Apartment 4

The concept of Scandinavian is about using some neutral colors which are very dominant. In F12 Apartment, the interior is full of neutral colors like white, black, grey. Those colors are completed with other pastel colors which are brighter then applied on all interior elements, including the furniture.



F12 Apartment 5

F12 Apartment 6

The minimalist Scandinavian interior of this apartment is designed with a lot of warm wood material. This material is used to design the apartment wall, wall decoration, storage, furniture, and also the large cabinet in the kitchen. Besides wood, the architect uses marble to beautify the bathroom interior.



F12 Apartment 7

F12 Apartment 8

F12 Apartment doesn’t have any striking colors, but it still has a warm interior that doesn’t stiff at all. It comes from the existence of the fabric elements which is important in a minimalist Scandinavian interior. In this apartment, the fabric elements are the grey curtains, grey bedcover, and also cushion cover.



F12 Apartment 9

F12 Apartment 10

In the kitchen, unique lightings with golden pipes located on the ceiling right above the dining table. The wooden cabinet is designed on the wall side of the kitchen and another side is beautified with a white kitchen cabinet. Inside the bedroom, the green accent is added with the bed pillows.



F12 Apartment 11

F12 Apartment 13

The bathroom interior is a combination of three different materials: wood, marble, and hexagonal tiles. Some parts of the wall are designed with marble and the rest is arranged from hexagonal tiles. The wood material is used to design the outer surface of the sink, bathtub, and mirror frame.


F12 Apartment

F12 Apartment 14

F12 Apartment 12

F12 Apartment 15

F12 Apartment 16

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