9 Amazing Reading Room Ideas

Apartamento Salvador Cardoso 9

For book lovers, they need their own space to enjoy the reading activity. That’s why there is always a reading room in a house with a bookshelf or even a small library in a book lover house. A reading room should be comfortable with a reading chair, a table for a cup of tea, and also storage for the books. There are a lot of amazing reading room ideas that can inspire you, including these ideas below. One of them may perfect for you.

1. Amusement Casa by HAO DESIGN

Amusement Casa 1

There is a modern reading room and play area in Amusement Casa. Designed by HAO DESIGN, this family house is designed to provide the children’s activities to bring the family members closer together. With a touch of simple and modern style, a corner reading room, and a bookshelf, it becomes a fun space for the children to learn and play.


2. Lacuna House by Bijl Architecture

Lacuna House 3

Sometimes, providing the best storage for your books is enough to support your reading activity. You can create a mini bookshelf next to your flat TV in the living room, reading them on the living room sofa. This idea makes Lacuna House by Bijl Architecture turns into an adaptable house that can provide everything needed.


3. Apartamento Salvador Cardoso by Tria Arquitetura

Apartamento Salvador Cardoso 9

Apartamento Salvador Cardoso by Tria Arquitetura is a minimalist apartment with a modern reading room at the corner, equipped with a unique white bookshelf and a comfortable chair. In order to create a fresh atmosphere around this room, some greeneries are added near the bookshelf.


4. The Grange by Feldman Architecture

The Grange 3

The reading room in The Grange by Feldman Architecture is designed to provide the residents with comfortable privacy. The room is equipped with a small nook, a wooden table, and double chairs. For privacy, two curtains are added to the entrance with the same color theme as the nook. A beautiful rug is also added to provide a warm atmosphere.


5. Palette in Wonderland by NestSpace Design

Palette In Wonderland 12

Designed by NestSpace Design for a sloppy girl that fascinated by the novel world, Palette in Wonderland has a colorful interior in its reading room. Without any chair or sofa, the owner can lie on the patterned rug and use some pillows while reading. Besides colors, this reading room is also decorated with artistic frames.


6. Apartment for Rent by Tria Arquitetura

Apartment For Rent 5

The reading room in Apartment for Rent by Tria Arquitetura also can be used as an office. This long and narrow space is designed with a long wooden table and a comfortable chair. On the table, a pot of plants and some simple decoration are added to beautify it. It is one of the clever ideas for those who want to create a reading or office room in a limited space.


7. V20 Apartment by DA Design & Architecture

V20 Apartment 17

With a Scandinavian interior design, V20 Apartment is a modern, colorful, stylish, and bright apartment. This design is also applied to its study room. This room can be a study room, an office room, or a reading. Simply by using a modern white table and red chair, a comfortable multifunction space can be created for the residents.


8. House in the Woods by Ieva Prunskaite

House In The Woods 1

Dominated in wood materials, the reading room idea in House in the Woods by Ieva Prunskaite offers a contemporary interior. The wooden table and chair are placed facing the glazed window, providing a stunning view while reading. A big bookshelf is designed on the other side to store more books.


9. House of Chen by HAO DESIGN

House Of Chen 13

The living area and a beautiful nook in House of Chen can be a comfortable reading room. With a vintage interior, original brick, and green retro wall, this apartment can provide not only a comfortable space for reading but also a unique and attractive space. The living room is equipped with a black leather sofa while the nook is cozier with fluffy cushions.

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