Dietz Residence: A Modern Slump Block Ranch Style Home with Grand Views

Dietz Residence 2

Dietz Residence is located on the south side of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. This home is designed by Kaise Works in 2013 with the total area of the building is about a 5,200-square foot. Dietz Residence is a modern slump block ranch style home with grand views of its surrounds.


Dietz Residence 1

Dietz Residence 2

The architect tries to provide the best views of this residence, especially the surrounding desert context and the mountain. The home doesn’t have a stiff privacy, it is open and also full of a ranch style heritage on its architectural design.



Dietz Residence 3

Dietz Residence 4

The unique thing that makes Dietz Residence is different comes from its modern interior and the slump block ranch style. The conventions are traditional ‘wall and hallway’. This house is also organized by the ‘boxes’ which separated the space and the way of the volumes.



Dietz Residence 5

Dietz Residence 6

The ‘boxes’ design has a smaller program for the bathrooms and closets. There is also a large window, facing the north side. This window can bring the mountain into a great room with a great view. The living area is extended by the stacking sliders.

Via kaiserworks

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