5 Clutter-Free Townhouse Interior Design Ideas You Can Copy

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Adding a lot of decoration sometimes can make your house looks cluttered. If you hate clutter but love decor, you can start by choosing a free-clutter design idea for your house interior. This idea is also perfect to be used for a townhouse.

If you need more inspiration, here are 5 clutter-free townhouse interior ideas you can copy easily.

1. South Slope Brooklyn Townhouse by Barker Freeman

South Slope Brooklyn Townhouse 6

The clutter-free townhouse interior idea in South Slope Brooklyn Townhouse by Barker Freeman is about using the fireplace mantel to put some room decoration. It is a great idea to save more space.

Photos by Francis Dzikowski

Photo styling by Brice Gaillard


2. Chambord Houses by BOOM TOWN

Chambord Houses 15

If you need inspiration for a more simple interior, try this clutter-free townhouse interior idea. Chambord Houses by BOOM TOWN only uses essential furniture and things for its interior. The floor is made of wood to create a warmer atmosphere.



3. Throckmorton by OFFICIAL Studio

Throckmorton 9

The clutter-free townhouse interior idea in Throckmorton by OFFICIAL Studio is perfect for a small living area. The furniture, storage, and rug are enough to create a cozy room with a tidy look.

Photography: Robert Yu Photography and Jill Broussard Photography


4. Brooklyn Townhouse by Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects

Brooklyn Townhouse 4

Decorating your house interior with different colors is also a great idea. Brooklyn Townhouse by Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects uses red chairs to highlight the living area interior. Colorful pillows are also added to create a decorative look without any clutter.

Photographer: Ty Cole


5. Cale Street by Stephen Fletcher Architects

Cale Street 6

If you love arts, adding artistic wall art frames can be the best solution to create a decorative interior without any clutter. Cale Street by Stephen Fletcher Architects uses awesome wall art frames to beautify its living area interior.

Photography: Stephen Fletcher Architects

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