TTC Elite Ben Tre Kindergarten: A Modern Kindergarten on A Sloping Hill with A Large Multi-Purpose Hall

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KIENTRUC O always has a strong regard for the context in a process of building creation, including in this 2017 project. TTC Elite Ben Tre Kindergarten is built in a 3728 m2 site area with 1491 m2 of its total floor area, located in Ben Tre City, Vietnam. Designed for TTC EDU, this modern kindergarten sits on a sloping hill and it offers a large multi-purpose hall with spaces called “the hill”.


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With strong regard for context as an important influencer, this project has an impactful contribution to the built environment surroundings. The positive contribution comes from the peaceful atmosphere in this kindergarten, integrating the generous culture of Ben Tre, nature, and people to the architecture value of the building. The principles from traditional Vietnamese architectural language are also implemented, consist of an open plan that delineated by horizontal planes to the building architecture into a larger ecological context.



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The kindergarten has two separate masses, a geometrical mass, and a sloping hill form that sits above a hill in a figurative sense. It offers flexible spaces with awesome city views for physical and artistic activities. The spaces called “the hill” used as classrooms that linked by a large multi-purpose hall, a central component of the kindergarten. This allows various educational activities for the children both on special occasions and on a daily basis.



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There is a large landscape playground within the versatile space that opens up to the design elements, creating a perfect place for the kids and their parents to interact throughout the day with each other. With the modern and spacious spaces supported by complete facilities, this kindergarten comes as a solution for the parents who want to give their kids a fun place to study and play.



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As a relatively flat region, Ben Tre has an image of the hill that offers a refreshing architectural aesthetic within the Cuu Long delta. The building is facing the Truc Giang lake surrounded by a lively visual connection between the kids playing on the hill and the local residents. The hill itself is the cornerstone that brings an architectural identity of the school. It is conceived as a place that tickles the curiosity inside each kid, giving them exciting things that await them beyond the green hill.


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Photographer: Hiroyuki Oki

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