Give Your Old Windows a New Look: 7 Must-Try Window Frame Ideas

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Windows can be an expensive investment. And while they should last you a long time, it can be hard to let go when you know it’s time to replace them.

No one wants to feel like they’re wasting money by throwing them away. But there’s good news. They don’t have to be thrown away!

We’ve compiled seven different window frame ideas you can use to continue their life.

  1. New Glass

The first thing you should check before completely replacing your windows is if the frames are still in good shape.

Sometimes if just the glass is damaged that can be taken out and replaced. But the frame remains intact. Often older frames can be restored to be more efficient with a few additions, including the new glass.

If the look of the frame isn’t working for you, there are options to change that. New trim could be added to change the style.

Though it’s not always a cost-effective option, so you should check out the cost of windows to decide what your best choice is.

  1. Coat of Paint 

Another option if you’re on the fence about actually fully replacing the window frame is to get out a can of paint.

A different color can change the whole look and feel of a window. More than anything else you could do to it. It’s a big added bonus that paint is so cheap and you can do this project all by yourself.

Black window frames are very on-trend right now. This would be an easy upgrade to make standard windows look a little more modern.

On the other end of the spectrum, a bright colored window frame can make a bold statement. This will take it from a typical room feature to the focal point of the whole space.

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and replace, give a new color a try and see if you fall in love.

  1. Add a Mirror 

Sometimes it’s just undeniable though, the windows have to be replaced. But that doesn’t mean that you should just throw the frames away.

A very quick and easy way to repurpose a window frame is to add a mirror where the glass used to be. The trickiest part of the process is to find the right-sized mirror for the frame. After that, it’s a quick assembly and you’re ready for display.

Old window frame mirrors are unexpected and intriguing. They add just the right touch of the vintage, farmhouse style that is very popular.

And if you’re feeling like an expert DIY-er, you could even turn the window glass into a mirror!

  1. Frame It 

Along a similar thought process, an old large window frame could be used as a picture frame.

There are many different ways you could go about this project. One large picture could be mounted to cover all of the panes. Or smaller pictures could be placed within each pane. A simple window frame with full glass could also be used as a floating picture frame.

The great thing about using a window frame for a picture frame is you can manipulate it to fit just your style. Add some trim, paint it, stain it, or leave it just the way it is.

Large, unique picture frames can be very hard to find for a reasonable price. So if you have a window frame laying around that is the perfect way to save money for a major statement piece.

  1. Storage Unit 

One of the most popular ways to use many different window styles is to turn them into storage.

By taking out the glass and replacing it with some kind of netting or wiring many things could be hung on it. This works great for pictures, notes, or reminder cards all held on with paper clips. Or it would be perfect in a bathroom to hold bows or other accessories.

If you mount the frame and add some hooks to it, you could use it as a kind of coat rack or hang bags on it. The possibilities for using old window frames for storage are very vast.

  1. Piece of Furniture 

If you’re feeling ambitious and ready to tackle a more complicated project, old window frames can be used as an element in furniture.

They are often used as doors for cabinets, sideboards, or tv hutches. A strong frame could be added to the top of a coffee table for a unique look. You could even add legs and use it as a fireplace cover.

Adding a window frame to a regular piece of furniture can change the whole look. It takes it from standard to standout.

There are so many applications for furniture made out of window frames. But these projects will require more skill and effort.

  1. Vintage Art 

The last, and simplest, idea for your old window frames is to treat them like a vintage piece of art. Many people love the look of an old window simply hung on the wall.

These frames often have so much character and life in them. They tell a story just by still existing and they are really beautiful. They don’t need much to make them a great focal piece of art in your home.

Some people will add a small wreath in the center of the window. Or perhaps shutters on each side. Whatever will fit your personal style and space.

Old window frames won’t be available forever, so take advantage of the special piece of art they are.

Window Frame Ideas For You 

Following some of these window frames ideas will give you the opportunity to repurpose your old frames instead of just throwing them out.

Not only is that a great creative outlet but it will also help the environment by reducing waste. It also has a positive effect on your bank account!

If you want more DIY ideas for home decor, check out our other articles!

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