Maisonette P155: A New Apartment with Inspirational Modern Interior and A Lot of Memories

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Maisonette P155 is a new apartment located in Stuttgart. It is an interior project by Ippolito Fleitz Group. The inspirational modern interior is combined with a lot of memories belonging to two designers as the owner. Those memories are collected and sourced on their amazing travels.


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The modern interior design in Maisonette P155 becomes so inspirational because of the memories of the owner. The architect combines those memories and uses them to create and decor this new apartment interior. The result turns the whole space into an interesting space that reflects the wonderful travels.



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Each room has its own interior design style which is different from other rooms. The architect also uses a floral-patterned wallpaper to match the owner memories. With a lot of interesting stuff, this apartment looks like a museum of memories and also a showroom to display the owner’s creativity.



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This new apartment also acts as a collage of variegated moods Each space can create different mood and atmosphere based on the space function. Those variegated moods can reflect the owner’s personality in each individual rooms too perfectly.



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Each room doesn’t have the same color design or style. Even the blue wall looks contrast with the color of the furniture, floor, and the decoration. It looks like the interior has a simple touch of an eclectic style too where all existing things can be used freely to design it.



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The glass material is used to design the cabinet doors and the shower door in the bathroom. Another natural material like wood can be seen on the furniture in the bathroom and bedroom. The marble tiles are also used to beautify the shower space, adding more elegant touches to this private room.

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