The 9 Best Places to Live in Wales in 2020

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Ready to make a life-changing move? Discover the most charming towns and villages in Wales! Here are some of the best places in Wales to live in 2020!

Wales is a country part of the United Kingdom, found to the west of the island. The area is famous for its lush natural landscapes as well as its closeness to the sea. This has made Wales an increasingly popular destination for people to move and start a new life in 2020.

But just because you like the look of Wales doesn’t mean you know where exactly the best places to live in Wales are today!

That’s why we’ve scoured the map and listed the top 9 places in Wales you should consider if you’re planning on moving to Wales in 2020.

  1. Places in Wales: Cardiff

We’ll get the most obvious choice out of the way first. Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and is its largest city overall.

As the capital, Cardiff contains much of the country’s culture and arts, making it the ideal place for anyone who wants a bit of culture in their lives. It was even a finalist in the European Capital of Culture competition in 2008, just barely losing out to Liverpool!

However, being the capital means that Cardiff is also one of the most expensive options in terms of relocating. As such, if you’re looking to move here, you’ll likely need to sell your existing house first. Take a look at this advice on how to sell any house fast, so you can focus on your new life in Cardiff quickly!

  1. Abergavenny

Abergavenny is known as the gateway to Wales and is renowned for its medieval architecture. You can feel the Welsh history as you stroll around the streets of Abergavenny, making it very attractive for any history buffs.

Abergavenny is also well-known today for its gastronomic scene, with some of the country’s best restaurants found in the market town.

Or, if you’re more of a walker, Abergavenny provides easy access to some of the most beautiful Welsh countryside. This includes the stunning Black Mountains. If you like getting out and about, Abergavenny might be the town for you.

  1. Penarth

If you prefer your scenic routes to be on the coastal side, you should consider Penarth. During the Victorian era, Penarth was, in fact, one of the UK’s most popular seaside destinations, and it retains much of that charm today.

Take a stroll down Penarth Pier, one of the most famous seaside piers in all of the UK, not just places in Wales, or take a trip to the nearby Nature Reserve.

Penarth also boasts grand architecture from the Victorian period which makes the real estate market very attractive today.

  1. The Mumbles In Swansea

Though you might not know it, Swansea is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world.

The Sunday Times named The Mumbles as the best place in all of Wales to live in 2018. This is thanks to the efforts taken by the area to grow, building a solid community, and many more shops and restaurants in recent years.

There’s been no better time to consider moving to Swansea than in 2020, where this growth and resident satisfaction continues to increase.

  1. Cardigan

Cardigan was built around a Norman castle, meaning it shares much of the history that other areas of Wales possess.

But in addition to this Cardigan has a vibrant art and DIY scene, perfect for anyone who likes getting involved in the community. Of course, the castle itself remains the standout of the town and has been fully restored in recent years.

Cardigan also boasts a long river ideal for boating or gentle water sports. It all combines to make Cardigan a tranquil town to settle and one of the best in Wales.

  1. St Davids in Pembrokeshire

St Davids is a very small city in Pembrokeshire, but don’t let its size fool you. It boasts a grand cathedral from which it takes its name, serving as the resting place of Wales’ patron saint, Saint David himself.

In 2019 it was rated as one of the top 3 best value beach destinations in the whole of Britain, making it one of the best places in Wales to move to. Not only does it sport this beach, but it also has many art galleries and hiking trails for walkers.

  1. Cowbridge

Cowbridge is another market town in Wales, only 12 miles outside of Cardiff. This can make it a great location to move to for anyone who has work in the capital. It can serve as a quiet town to rest your head after the bustle of the city life.

Cowbridge lies atop a Roman settlement, meaning it has some of the most ancient histories of any town in Wales. It has a bustling theatrical scene with regular plays held in the local theatre.

To add to the above it also hosts an annual food and drink festival which is one of the most popular in all of Wales.

  1. Tenby

Another seaside hotspot, Tenby is also found in Pembrokeshire and is a walled seaside town perfect for those moving to Wales. Its sandy beaches are some of the most incredible in the whole country, and a notable tourist attraction.

Many artists, writers, and actors also grew up in the area, meaning it also features a strong community for the arts. If you do decide to move to Tenby, consider a day trip to the incredible St Catherine’s Island.

  1. Montgomery

With over 141 listed buildings, Montgomery’s architecture and city planning won’t disappoint when it comes to places in Wales. With a population of just 1,300 people, it also proves to be one of the smallest areas on this list, and therefore one of the most peaceful.

If you’re thinking of moving to an old town in Wales, Montgomery might be the place for you. There are few better countries to retire to than Wales, or it’s perfect for anyone looking to avoid the bustle of modern life.

And More

Though the above are 9 of the absolute best places in Wales, there are several more towns and cities in Wales that are well worth considering if you’re looking to move to the country.

Or, if you’re interested in surveying the architecture elsewhere, consider taking a look through our previous posts here at Futurist Architecture!

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