East End House 8

East End House: A Serene Year-Round Retreat with Modest Early-Modern Styles and Detailed Construction

East End House is located on Long Island’s East End, New York, sits on a bluff overlooking the water. It is a serene year-round retreat designed by Andrew Franz Architect with 3,000 SF in size. Completed in 2019, this house is contemporary but it has modest early-modern styles that inspired the client. The detailed construction also supports the high-performing home vision to serve the next generations.

Fire Island House 2

Fire Island House: A New Guest House with A New Exterior and Simple Geometry

Fire Island House was a 1965’s house designed by a modern architect, Horace Gifford, located in Fire Island, New York. It was renovated and restored, included as a part of a master plan with a new exterior and a guest house. With 1,200 SF in size, this new guest house offers new exterior and complete facilities. It also has a simple geometry to respect the larger original. Andrew Franz Architect also designs this new guest house with clear and efficient design.

Tafel House 8

Tafel House: A 1955’s House with A Full Restoration and Replacement of All Windows

Andrew Franz Architect falls in love with this 1955’s house that was designed by the architect Edgar Tafel. Tafel House is located in Harrison, New York with a full restoration of its brick and wood exterior, roof, and gutters. At the same time, all windows of the house are also replaced with appropriate but better-performing units. This house is a completed project in 2019 with a certain midcentury character and openness.

Tribeca Loft 18

Tribeca Loft: A Residence with A Fluid Connection and Large Open Entertaining Zones

Tribeca Loft is an awesome 2013 project by Andrew Franz Architect located in Manhattan’s landmarked Tribeca North area, New York. It is a transformation project of the 3,000-square-feet top floor and roof of an 1884 caviar warehouse into a residence. This comfortable residence is designed with large open entertaining zones and it also has a fluid connection with the outdoor environment.