Modular House 01: A Modular House with A Wooden Structure and Prefabricated Panels

Modular House 01 4

This modular house is a part of a system of prefabricated habitable modules, located in Pupuya, Christmas, VI Region of Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins, Chile. Modular House 01 also has a serial structure made in work adaptable to the site terrain. Designed by Abarca and Palma Arquitectos, this house offers a wooden structure with prefabricated panels mounted on it. This project is completed in 2016 in 3 months.


Modular House 01 1

Modular House 01 2

Modular House 01 3

A serial structure in this modular house is a wooden structure on the construction site, built by carpenters prior to the arrival of the prefabricated panels. These prefabricated panels are mounted on this structure. This project is a mixed system where industry meets carpenter tradition and linked directly.

Modular House 01 4

Modular House 01 5

Modular House 01 6

Through the serial trusses, composite pillar, and beam method, this house structure will be built in Pino on a roof that protects the house. The prefabricated panels on the structure are of the SIP type with variable thickness according to the climatic zone of each country.



Modular House 01 7

Modular House 01 8

Modular House 01 9

There are 5 modules for this house that used: Living Module and Terrace Module, Bathroom + Kitchen Module, Simple Bedroom Module, Matrimonial Bedroom Module, and in addition to a corridor throughout the front area of the house.


Modular House 01

Modular House 01 10

Modular House 01 11

Modular House 01 12

Modular House 01 13

Modular House 01 14

Modular House 01 15

Photographer: Andres Maturana

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