College Road: A Three-Bedroom Victorian Terrace with Minimalist Modern Interiors

College Road 3

College Road is a 2015 project located in London by Russian for Fish. The owner of this three-bedroom Victorian terrace is dissatisfied with the rear extension build quality, ground-floor layout and also its lack of garden space. The architect then turns College Road into a comfortable space with its minimalist modern interiors.


College Road 1

College Road 2

College Road 3

For the minimalist modern look, the architect removes the rear extension of this three-bedroom Victorian terrace and expanding it into the side return. The garden area is also enlarged without sacrificing any interior spaces. The kitchen is relocated to the front are of the property, allowing to create a more private and full-width living area.



College Road 4

College Road 5

College Road 6

The kitchen opens completely onto the garden area through some of the floor-to-ceiling glass doors. The architect has a new open-plan layout to provide a garden clear view and also maximize the light during the day. With the beautiful view and enough light, some spaces can be highlighted clearly together with its white interior.



College Road 7

College Road 8

In order to improve the cost-effectiveness during the design process, some existing building materials are also retained as much as possible. The commercial paving is used too in the garden. And the off-the-shelf carcasses are used for the cabinets in the kitchen and put bespoke the doors.

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