Huru House: A Unique Houe with A Modern New Zealand Context and Feathered Roof

Huru House 2

This 140m2 house is located in Gisborne, designed by WireDog Architecture. Huru House is a residential project that inspired by traditional Japanese spaces. This house is also designed with an adaptation to the modern New Zealand Context. For this awesome project, the architect won the ADNZ Regional Award.


Huru House 1

Huru House 2

Huru House 3

Huru House is a unique house with a feathered roof that floats over the cedar forms. This house is surrounded by beautiful nature that consists of trees and green hills. In order to get a lot of advantages from its landscape, this house has a long and spacious terrace to welcome the views and the warm sunlight during the days and summer.



Huru House 4

Huru House 5

The design inspiration for this house comes from the traditional Japanese spaces. In order to fit the need of the house, this inspiration is also adapted to the modern New Zealand context. The combination of the context and inspiration can create a unique form on the structure and the interior of the house. Dominated by wooden materials, this house offers a warm atmosphere inside.

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