Moonee Pond Gable House: A New Modern House with A Walled Garden Oasis and Cathedral Ceilings

Moonee Pond Gable House 3

This four-bedroom house is a 2018 project designed by ninemuses. Moonee Pond Gable House is a new modern house on a compact site in an inner urban suburb that offers the challenge of getting a double garage. In order to accept this challenge, a walled garden oasis and cathedral ceilings are added into the house.


Moonee Pond Gable House 1

Moonee Pond Gable House 2

Moonee Pond Gable House 3

The floor area of this house is 250 sqm while the site area is 375 sqm. Located in an inner urban suburb, this house is designed with a modern style and some addition to complete the design. The unique side comes from the cathedral ceilings and a walled garden oasis is added to provide an entertaining area for the client.



Moonee Pond Gable House 4

Moonee Pond Gable House 5

Moonee Pond Gable House 6

It is a kind of budget-conscious residence with a focus on the quality of space and the spend on luxuries. Both the spend on luxuries and space quality are the clients most wanted. A communal indoor/ outdoor living area with a northern aspect and the wooden stairs in front of the front door become the appeals of the house design.


Moonee Pond Gable House

Moonee Pond Gable House 7

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