Pi Home: A New Aluminum Technology of A Prefabricated House

Pi Home 39

Designed by Taller Aragones / Miguel Angel Aragones in 2021, Pi Home is a prefabricated house like no other. A new aluminum technology is patented by Aragones for this house to maximize energy efficiency and support large glass spans.


Pi Home 1

Pi Home 2

Pi Home 3

Pi Home 4

Pi Home 5

Pi Home 6

Pi Home 7

This project is a prefabricated intelligence, breaking the paradigm of housing and transforming itself into a habitable place. It is a modern house where art, science, technology, and technique are within reach of the people.

The challenges of this project are better results, lower cost, and higher quality. The final result is a prefabricated house like no other.



Pi Home 8

Pi Home 9

Pi Home 10

Pi Home 11

Pi Home 12

Pi Home 13

Pi Home 14

Aluminum is the main material chosen for this project due to its ability that can do what other building materials cannot. This material is recyclable, corrosion-resistant, durable, lightweight, and strong.



Pi Home 15

Pi Home 16

Pi Home 17

Pi Home 18

Pi Home 19

Pi Home 20

Pi Home 21

Pi Home 22

There are five solid bases offered by this prefabricated house: high quality, high acoustic performance, small construction waste, ultra-fast construction speed, and low-cost construction.

The house’s structure works well horizontally, vertically, or mixed. Additional pieces are also added to integrate the final configuration.



Pi Home 23

Pi Home 24

Pi Home 25

Pi Home 26

Pi Home 27

Pi Home 28

Pi Home 29

With such as modular construction system, this project can optimize resources, reduce waste, and offer some great advantages.

The first advantage is ultralight. There is no problem with its assembly. Most parts’ average weight of this house is less than 78 kg so it is easy for two people to handle without using any heavy machines.

The second is adjustable. This house is expandable-reducible, offering modular construction advantages and the possibility of designing spaces that can be adjusted easily.


Pi Home 30

Pi Home 31

Pi Home 32

Pi Home 33

Pi Home 34

Pi Home 35

Pi Home 36

The third advantage is innovative. The walls of this house can cover the thermal and acoustic insulation layers. There are also electrical and hydraulic installations designed with screwed and plug-in connectors, offering easy work without complicated connections.

The fourth is low maintenance. It is a house that can guarantee the highest construction quality and provide some benefits: no need for waterproofing, painting, or corrosion protection.


Pi Home 37

Pi Home 38

Pi Home 39

Pi Home 40

Pi Home 41

The last advantage is integral quality. An adaptation of a thermal-acoustic system is used to reduce energy consumption, achieving a maximum comfort level whether using a central air conditioning system or not.


Pi Home Gallery

Photographer: Taller Aragones

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