Bethells Bach: A Coastal Community Bach with Playfulness and Simplicity Essence

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Bethells is a coastal community on one of Auckland’s popular west coast beaches, 30km North-West of Auckland City. Surrounded by mountains and native bush, Bethells Bach is sited in an area of natural beauty and wild landscapes. Herbst Architects designs this bach with the essence of playfulness and simplicity by taking advantage of the beautiful landscape.


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Located within a dramatic landscape, this bach is envisioned as an informal space with an advantage of the siting through different apertures to the rear and front area of the site. There is also a covered deck placed around a fireplace that acknowledges the informality, creating an active and social entry experience.



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A semi-enclosed terrace sheltered to the rear of the lounge from the North-East wind, providing great views towards the native bush and steep landscape. The landscaping also includes a garden sculpture made from steel trusses – recycled from the site previous structure. The timber batten screens can provide protection from the wind.



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A central courtyard with volcanic rocks adds beautiful detail to this bach. The doors are also designed that can be left open in varying weather conditions. Clad in vertical cedar boards, the distinction between internal and external areas can be blurred well. With the essence of playfulness and simplicity, this bach turns into a perfect place to stay at the beach.


Bethells Bach

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