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Tos House: A Three-Story Terraced House Renovation with Bright Wall and Retained Floorings

It only takes 6 months for Office Coastline to complete this renovation project of a three-story terraced house in 2019. Tos House is built in 1920 and located in a historical compound in Shanghai’s Hongkou District, China. The bright wall is designed as a reflector to bring more lights to every room while the existing beam and floorings are also retained.

Datuan Villa: A Weekend House with A White Cube Design and Modernist Approach

The owner of this weekend house is a young couple and the husband loves everything about modernism. Datuan Villa is located in the countryside of Shanghai named Datuan town, China. Completed in 2018, this 320-sqm-house is a countryside house with a white cube design. Office Coastline uses a modernist approach to design this house, including its interiors and structure.