Huckletree Kensington 6

Huckletree Kensington: A Sustainable Workspace for Collaboration, Interaction, And Creativity

Huckletree Kensington represents a remarkable transformation of a typical office space into a sustainable and dynamic workspace, accomplished by Material Works Architecture. Situated in Kensington, London W8, this refurbishment has successfully established a communal workspace that fosters collaboration, interaction, and creativity. Through the integration of various textures and finishes, the design has brought to life vibrant and welcoming environments.

Victoria Park House 10

Victoria Park House: A Victorian Terrace with An Open Space and Structural Steel

The clients want to recapture the open sense of light and space that their former substantial loft apartment offered after moving to a Victorian terrace. Victoria Park House offers 161 sqm of the size area, designed and beautified by Material Works Architecture. The brief is to create an open space that is flexible for relaxing or entertaining while the structural steel provides a distinct design motif.

Stoke Newington House 12

Stoke Newington House: A Victorian Terraced House with A Small Addition and Modern Open Spaces

With 150 sqm in size, Material Works Architecture has completed a design project for a victorian terraced house. Stoke Newington House is located in Stoke Newington, London, the UK with a small addition designed by the architect. The challenge of this project is to transform the dark spaces into modern bright spaces bedside the limited space and limited budget for building in.