Villa Ljung: A Project of Three Buildings with the Proximity to Nature for Creating Ambient Spaces

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Located in a stone’s throw from the sea, Villa Ljung is a 2013 project designed by Johan Sundberg Arkitektur. Situated in southern Höllviken in the south of Sweden, the buildings are surrounded by a rich area with tall pine trees. With the proximity to nature, the buildings can adapt to the surroundings and also offering an easy way for the architect to create ambient spaces.


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The three buildings of this project consist of a residence for the client, a small cottage, and a garage. It is a very common thing to live in a detached house on the site. With the proximity to the sea, forest, and nearby preservation area, Villa Ljung has a good connection to its nature around the site. The main aim of this project is creating some ambient spaces with distinct haptic qualities through the sire adaptation.



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The facades of Villa Ljung are clad in different qualities of Siberian larch and the annexes are clad with another type of larch paneling. The smooth high-quality wooden panel with very few knots is used to clad the main building with rounded soffit. The building structure of load-bearing is made from timber pierced by a chimney stack. And for the floor, Villa Ljung has a Danish brick flooring.



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The lounge area, dining area, and kitchen are arranged around the central room of the building which is larger than other rooms. This central room extends beyond the warm fireplace to the winter garden with some folding doors located in both directions. Dominated with a lot of wood, most rooms can provide a warmer atmosphere when winter comes.



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The garden of Villa Ljung is designed by Anders Folkesson, a landscape architect. This garden can draw inspiration from the building plot in its undeveloped state and become one of the main inspiration for the whole design of the building. With some narrow pathways that lead to moss and heather, this garden offers a natural experience within the original nature around the buildings.


Villa Ljung

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