Silvrettahaus Bielerhöhe (AT) 7

Silvrettahaus, Bielerhöhe (AT): A Restaurant and Hotel with An Elegant, Functional Design

The construction of this building rises at 2,040 m above sea level on the southern tip. Replacing a hotel complex from the 1950s, Silvrettahaus, Bielerhöhe (AT) serves as s hotel and a restaurant with complete facilities including 28 beds. A completed project by Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten, the building rises above a strong natural stone base with smooth, white house walls and elegant, functional design.

ETH Sports Center Zurich (CH) 9

ETH Sports Center, Zurich (CH): A Sport Center with A Shimmering Green Glass Envelope and Bright Interior

From 2006 to 2009, Dietrich Untertrifaller Architects has been completed a sport center project for ETH Zurich located in Zurich, Switzerland. Being a part of the new Science City and the ETH Campus at the Hönggerberg in Zurich, ETH Sports Center houses the Institute of Human Movement Sciences and Sport with its 8,060 m² sizes. The building is designed under the shimmering green glass envelope with a bright interior inside.

House I Schwarzenberg (AT) 5

House I, Schwarzenberg (AT): An Unstructured Barn-Like Solitaire with Wood and Glass Design

House I is a house as an unstructured barn-like solitaire located in Schwarzenberg, Austria. It sits upon the mountain meadow on an area that used for agriculture. With 268 m² in size, Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten designs this house with wood and glass in order to relate the house to its immediate surroundings and reinterpret the traditional Bregenzer Wälderhaus. Construction from prefabricated wooden elements is also obvious.

Angelika Kauffmann Museum Schwarzenberg (AT) 7

Angelika Kauffmann Museum, Schwarzenberg (AT): Two Small Museums with A Wooden Construction and Professional Lighting

Established in a historic and well-kept 16th century, the two small museums are placed on a rising slope, west of the village center in Schwarzenberg, Austria. A traditional old farmhouse is chosen as the ideal location while the former residence of the artist Angelika Kauffmann serves as a local museum. Angelika Kauffmann Museum is a 2006-2007 project by Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten for Gemeinde Schwarzenberg with 315 m² in size, wooden construction, and professional lighting inside.

House A Dornbirn (AT) 6

House A, Dornbirn (AT): A Timelessly Beautiful House with Traditional and Modern Design in Hybrid Construction

Designed in wood and glass, House A, Dornbirn (AT) is a completed project by Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten. Located on a mountain meadow above Dornbirn, Austria, this timelessly beautiful house offers both traditional and modern designs that showing respect for its landscape. This house is also built in a hybrid construction where the living level sits as a wooden construction. The project starts in 2008 and completed in 2009.