J Cook Restaurant: An Awesome Restaurant with An Extraordinary Design for A Different Experience

J Cook Restaurant 9

Completed by Futuris Architects in 2020, this restaurant represents different cultures of the royal marine sailor James Cook got to see during numerous voyages of him. The name of J Cook Restaurant comes from him, an extraordinary individual for an extraordinary design. With 79 m2 in size, this restaurant offers a kaleidoscope of different cultures, moods, and styles for a different experience.


J Cook Restaurant 1

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This restaurant is an awesome project with an outstanding design. The main idea is to represent a clash of the different cultures of the royal marine sailor James Cook, especially during his voyages. This restaurant sits in one of the busy areas of Yerevan, offering a different experience with various things that can be enjoyed by the guests.



J Cook Restaurant 5

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Incompatible details, a sexy dark-ish environment, and natural materials are the key components of the interior design. The interior is rich with tropical plants that have a color of nature: green. This green theme is also extracted for the ceiling. The Rococo-style pieces are also handcrafted and designed in this restaurant.



J Cook Restaurant 9

J Cook Restaurant 10

The Italian renaissance that mixed with the English interpretation of Rococo can be felt by the visitors while they are looking up. They also can feel the cold ocean breeze, the strong wind of the East, and the tropical wind of the Hawaii islands.

The comfort is offered by the rush chairs that chord with velvet-based burgundy sofas. The architect also uses different lamps that can represent different eras while the restaurant atmosphere is enhanced by the soft, warm light slightly glimmers.

J Cook Restaurant 11

J Cook Restaurant 12

A fusion kitchen menu contains everything include American eggs benedict and Japanese pho soup. A bar is placed right in the spotlight where the guests can watch the making of cocktails and have a dialogue with the bartender.

The entrance to the bar area is in the center of the stand to provide waiters and barmen with a free space to move. Even the barmen can come out and serve all guests by himself.


J Cook Restaurant Gallery


Photography: Futuris Architects

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