FJORD Seafood Bistro: A Seafood Restaurant with Modern Interior and Beautiful Surface Design

FJORD Seafood Bistro 5

The beautiful interior of FJORD Seafood Bistro comes from its color and material elements. DA Design & Architecture tries to create a modern interior in this seafood restaurant with a soft and natural surface. Located in Sankt-Peterburg, Rusia, FJORD is not only a famous restaurant because of its foods but also the awesome interior design which is interesting and comfortable.


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The concept for the interior of this seafood restaurant is about creating a modern interior design which is simple and natural that can bring a comfortable and fun atmosphere. Wood materials and white color are the main elements used to design the whole interior surface, including the furniture, wall, and floor.



FJORD Seafood Bistro 3

FJORD Seafood Bistro 4

The natural color of wood and white surface dominate the whole interior surface in FJORD. The restaurant tables, furniture, and wall are designed in a combination of natural wood color and white. The ceiling and wall are also painted in the same white color, decorated with some beautiful lightings which have the same color too.



FJORD Seafood Bistro 5

FJORD Seafood Bistro 6

The interior is not small and not big too. The white wall, floor, and ceiling can create a beautiful design of the modern interior. In order to make a decorative interior, there is also a big shelf made from a white iron frame. This shelf is used to display the best wine that FJORD has and also some greenery in small wooden pots.



FJORD Seafood Bistro 7

FJORD Seafood Bistro 8

The architect from DA Design & Architecture divides this seafood restaurant space in a simple way to create an easy walking area inside the interior. The seating area is pressed to the front wall of the restaurant, giving a beautiful view for the visitors through the glass window. The same way is also done to the kitchen area, leaving free space in the middle as a restaurant traffic area.



FJORD Seafood Bistro 9

FJORD Seafood Bistro 10

Wood becomes the main materials to design this restaurant wall, island, chairs, table, and even the greenery pots. The different materials come from the restaurant floor with a combination of white hexagonal tiles and concrete. The iron frame is used to create a shelf and a hanger above the island ceiling.



FJORD Seafood Bistro 11

FJORD Seafood Bistro 12

The shelf that made from a white iron frame is not only used storage but also one of the modern interior decoration in FJORD. The architect also uses some white wooden boars pieces to display the menu list complete with the price on the wooden wall. The wine bottles also beautify some wall areas of the restaurant.


FJORD Seafood Bistro

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FJORD Seafood Bistro 14

FJORD Seafood Bistro 15

FJORD Seafood Bistro 16

FJORD Seafood Bistro 17

FJORD Seafood Bistro 18

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