Illusuak Cultural Centre: A New Cultural Centre and Administrative Hub with Bold Architectural Statement

Illusuak Cultural Centre 9

This new cultural center is located in the northernmost community of Labrador, Canada. Illusuak Cultural Centre is a completed 2018 project by Saunders Architecture with 1200 m2 in size. The building makes an autonomy important statement for this indigenous community. It also makes a bold architectural statement using the materials and forms.



Illusuak Cultural Centre 2

Illusuak Cultural Centre 3

Commissioned by the Nunatsiavut Government, this building acts as a “living room for the community” with some facilities such as an auditorium for language classes, 75-seat theatre, studio space, a craft shop, and café. It also provides offices to the Parks Canada and the Nunatsiavut Government.



Illusuak Cultural Centre 4

Illusuak Cultural Centre 5

Illusuak Cultural Centre 6

The bold architectural statement is created using materials and forms, derived from the region’s heritage and tradition. These forms and materials can create a unique architecture with a different character from other cultural center buildings based, facilitating the indigenous community with the best place to meet and communicate with each other in a comfortable way.


Illusuak Cultural Centre

Illusuak Cultural Centre 7

Illusuak Cultural Centre 8

Illusuak Cultural Centre 9

Photographers: Bent René Synnevåg

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