Fireplace by Bedrock: A Symphony of Culinary Artistry and Refined Design

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Completed in December 2023, Fireplace by Bedrock is a new wood-fired grill restaurant designed by the boutique design studio Hot Design Folks. It is a new culinary destination that has a symphony of culinary artistry and refined design.

Sitting in Singapore’s One Holland Village, this restaurant brings to life the award-winning Bedrock philosophy with a classic, earth-inspired twist. It’s a pioneering endeavor that combines the straightforwardness of open wood fire cooking with flavors that excite the senses.

This dining establishment is a feast for the senses, with carefully crafted environments ranging from a tranquil, verdant terrace to a bustling show kitchen. Each area at Fireplace by Bedrock is a blank canvas for culinary creativity, striving to captivate and invigorate every sense.

A key feature of the restaurant’s elegant design is a stunning floor-to-ceiling display that showcases both dry-aged meats and a selection of wines, from the exclusive sketches of the designers. This feature is a testament to the studio’s dedication to creating spaces that are both functional and filled with narrative intrigue.

The main dining area, focused on an open fire, envelops diners in a performance of culinary artistry, with touches of warm wood and aged zinc echoing the elemental essence of Asado grilling. A semi-private dining area, separated by a metal mesh curtain, creates an intimate setting for celebrations, enhanced by custom leather artwork from artisans in Bali and a unique brass pendant light by Paola Navone. Outside, a retractable canopy and verdant planters provide a stage for genuine al fresco Asado-style dining.

Drawing Argentina’s robust Quebracho Tree which is used to fuel Asado woodfired ovens, the interior is full of earthy tones and textures that grace the space, from the warmth of timber to the sleek gleam of patinated metal accents. The tactile texture, color, and material itself seem to envelop the entire interior with most of the wall surfaces finished in it. The inspiration for the special finish ‘rammed earth’ comes from from the rings and palette of the Quebracho tree. This material was custom-created for the project by Clayworks, a London-based firm, in collaboration with HDF Design.

The creators of this project capture the heart of Fireplace by Bedrock with these words:

“This establishment is more than a restaurant; it is a celebration of fire, flavor, and camaraderie, inviting guests into a world where each dish honors the generous gifts of the earth, all set against the picturesque backdrop of Singapore’s One Holland Village.”

About boutique design studio Hot Design Folks

Hot Design Folks, a boutique design studio hailing from Singapore, specializes in creating unique interiors for high-end hospitality, commercial, and F&B spaces. This design studio is dedicated to crafting spaces that not only look great but also tell a story and enhance the customer experience.

Driven by originality and a passion for experiential design, Hot Design Folks believe that every successful project begins with a compelling narrative. Since its establishment in 2017 by its creative director, Evgeniya Lazareva, the design studio has proudly completed a multitude of hospitality projects spanning across Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Originally from Kazakhstan, Evgeniya now proudly calls Singapore home.

Fireplace by Bedrock Gallery

Completed: December 2023
Area: 225 sqm
Instagram @fireplacesg

Designers: Evgeniya Lazareva, Aleksandra Koroleva, Hot Design Folks studio

Photo credit Marcus Lim
Instagram @marcus.ip

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