inBOX Capsule Hotel: The Five-Star Hostel with Modern Interior and Unique Personal Space

InBOX Capsule Hotel 14

Having a plan to get an awesome adventure in Saint Petersburg? Then inBOX Capsule Hotel will be the best place to stay. It is a five-star hostel located in the center of Saint Petersburg city. The architect from DA Design & Architecture designs this hostel with modern interior design and unique personal space. This space is not only unique but also cozy and fun.


InBOX Capsule Hotel 1

InBOX Capsule Hotel 2

There are two main concepts for this hostel. The first is a place for introverts and the second is a hostel for young individualists. Every space, especially the capsule bed, is a perfect small space with a comfortable atmosphere with an in-room social area as a bonus. The capsule bed will make all visitors just feel like at home.



InBOX Capsule Hotel 3

InBOX Capsule Hotel 4

Besides the comfortable modern interior, inBOX Capsule Hotel is also facilitated with A/C and ventilator in each of its capsule bed. This hostel also provides soap and shampoo dispensers in the showers with non-toxic detergents and cleansers. The visitors can make some foods in the kitchen and read some books that placed on the large wooden bookshelves.



InBOX Capsule Hotel 5

InBOX Capsule Hotel 6

inBox Capsule Hotel is not only a special place to stay but also a place with eco-friendly accommodation. With the help of the architect, the owner can create a friendly hostel as his wish. This hostel is equipped with 100% LED lighting, 100% organic cotton of towels and sheet, water saving sensor faucets, and also a non-smoking premise.



InBOX Capsule Hotel 7

InBOX Capsule Hotel 8

By following the owner concept of “a hotel for young individualists”, the modern interior design is made with a professional development process. Each room is individual and private with four walls surrounding the personal capsule. The black-white wood is also added to the modern interior with simple details.



InBOX Capsule Hotel 9

InBOX Capsule Hotel 10

The space of this hostel is not only modern but also private and compact. It has shared accommodation, allowing all people that stay to be incognito completely. They can have the freedom to meet new people that come, only if they want to. Even though the space is not big but it is comfortable enough to stay and relax.



InBOX Capsule Hotel 11

InBOX Capsule Hotel 12

There are three types of rooms in this hostel based on the sum of the bed. SmartBox has 6 or 16 beds, MonoBox with a single room, and Double Box with a double room. Each capsule is facilitated with a rolling shade, A/C, individual ventilation, a power socket, and a personal reading light. There are also some hangers to hang the towel and a pocket to put some personal belongings.


inBOX Capsule Hotel

InBOX Capsule Hotel 13

InBOX Capsule Hotel 14

InBOX Capsule Hotel 15

InBOX Capsule Hotel 16

InBOX Capsule Hotel 17

InBOX Capsule Hotel 18

InBOX Capsule Hotel 19

InBOX Capsule Hotel 20

InBOX Capsule Hotel 21

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