CROSTA Pizza & Pasta: Modern Minimalist Interior of Pizza Restaurant with Universal Colors

CROSTA Pizza & Pasta 11

CROSTA Pizza and Pasta has a modern minimalist interior designed by DA Design & Architecture. This pizza restaurant is located in the center of St. Petersburg, in a small room of a historical area. The idea of this interior project is about creating a minimalist interior which is modern and concise. The use of universal colors is also applied to the walls of the restaurant.


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With the small space, the architect tries to make a modern minimalist interior in a simple way. The concept comes from the kitchen and pizza itself where it is kind of simple and also understandable food by all people. The prototype is a classic Italian pizza, described in a modern and minimalist design.



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The simple design of a modern minimalist interior in CROSTA can be seen from its layout and the surface of its interior elements such as furniture, walls, and floor. This pizza restaurant has a warm atmosphere with a romantic feeling that comes from the lamps and soft surface. At the same time, the interior also looks natural with different materials such as wood, concrete, and brick.



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Gray, white, and black are used as universal colors, especially for the walls of this pizza restaurant. Those three colors are combined to create a harmony look for the modern minimalist interior. Some wooden tables and chairs are painted in white, the same as the brick wall. The natural color comes from the wood material on the floor and furniture.



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CROSTA Pizza & Pasta 1

The Italian marble is the main accent material for this pizza restaurant interior. This kind of unique marble is always used in the pizzerias, especially for the pizza maker as a working surface. The cash counter is made from marble and wooden slabs. Those materials are simple but also creating an awesome background for this pizza restaurant.



CROSTA Pizza & Pasta 3

CROSTA Pizza & Pasta 2

The modern minimalist interior in CROSTA also becomes warmer because of the brass and oak details. Those details can complement the interior elements, especially its white marble. DA Design & Architecture also makes some sketches for all furniture designs except the chairs of the restaurant.

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