Aluminum Lobby: Futuristic Interior of An Aesthetic Property with ‘Materials Matter’ Philosophy

Aluminum Lobby 9

Located in Shanghai, China, Aluminum Lobby is a 2014 project by AIM Architecture. This awesome project is designed for SOHO China with more than 1100 square meters of the total area. The futuristic interior design in this aesthetic property is developed and also dedicated to the philosophy ‘materials matter’.


Aluminum Lobby 1

Aluminum Lobby 2

Aluminum Lobby 3

The main goal of this amazing project is creating a simple space with strong architecture, especially on its linearity. AIM Architecture tries to create a space with minimal materials that can still able to complete the need of the client.



Aluminum Lobby 4

Aluminum Lobby 5

Aluminum Lobby 6

The futuristic interior design in Aluminum Lobby is elegant and also bright. With the use of stone and marble materials, the surface of the floor, wall, and even the ceiling become silkier. This futuristic interior is also strengthened by the lighting system.



Aluminum Lobby 7

Aluminum Lobby 8

The contemporary simplicity details also can be found inside the futuristic interior in this building. It comes from some different materials such as foam sheets that can create an environmentally friendly solution using new techniques. The stone and marble also can evoke a similar richness and strength for the interior.



Aluminum Lobby 9

Aluminum Lobby 10

The strong character comes from the monochrome lobby which is interesting and attractive with its white and light lines. The contrasting look between this lobby and other areas inside the building can create inviting energy for anticipating and satisfying the space needs.

Via aim-architecture

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