O1 Apartment: Warm Atmosphere of Modern Apartment with Elegant Interior Design

O1 Apartment 6

As a living place, O1 Apartment is a perfect place for the residents who live in a busy city like Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The warm atmosphere of this modern apartment comes from its elegant interior designed by DA. Design & Architecture. This interior project is completed in 2016 with an awesome result of an apartment interior.


O1 Apartment 1

O1 Apartment 2

The interior design of O1 Apartment is elegant, combined with some modern elements. The resident will be welcomed with a concrete floor in the entryway. There is also a mezzanine which is connected by a wooden staircase, providing more spaces to design a simple master bedroom in this apartment.



O1 Apartment 3

O1 Apartment 4

The master bedroom is placed on the mezzanine with a big wardrobe and its elegant glass door. This mezzanine is designed with a wooden floor and concrete walls. Other rooms like kitchen, dining area, and living room are designed below the mezzanine with a warm and comfortable atmosphere that also come from the furniture.



O1 Apartment 5

O1 Apartment 6

O1 Apartment 9

Lighting becomes the most important element to design the contemporary interior design in O1 Apartment. The architect places some lights on an unusual area such as the area below the staircase and on the top part of wall and ceiling indentation. Some spotlights are also designed to create a dusk accent on the mezzanine floor, kitchen, and dining area.



O1 Apartment 7

O1 Apartment 8

The living room area can be seen right from above of the mezzanine. This room offers a comfortable space with big grey sofas and awesome views that come from the high windows. Inside the bathroom, the glass wall is used to reflect the beauty of elegant interior design, including the long sink and white bathtub.

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