Gavlegårdarna: An Office Transformation with A New Modern Interior and A Home-Like Atmosphere

Gavlegårdarna 6

Gavlegårdarna has more than 85% of the awesome rental apartments in Gävle. This municipal housing company hires Studio Stockholm to redesign their office with a new concept design. The office transformation is done with a new modern interior and a home-like atmosphere which is very comfortable. With 6.000 square meters, this project started in 2013 and completed in 2015.


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With a new modern interior design, this office has better job satisfaction and work environment. The architect also uses some colors to create a good image of the company which is innovative, interesting, and attractive. It becomes an inspiring role modern too for other companies to design an awesome office interior.



Gavlegårdarna 6

Gavlegårdarna 5

Before the transformation, this office has a weak brand with a poor internal communication. Studio Stockholm tries to redesign the interior in a modern style based on a concept “Make yourself at home”, an interior concept of the Gavlegården’s own communication.



Gavlegårdarna 4

Gavlegårdarna 3

Today, this office has some great area for all staff. It has an activity-based office area with a home-like atmosphere. It also has a project room, a garage, a dining room, a large entrance, an optional inspiration exhibition area, even a gym for exercises.



Gavlegårdarna 2

Gavlegårdarna 1

The new modern interior in this Gavlegårdarna’s office uses some natural colors, especially white, black, and grey to decor the whole interior of the office area. The floor looks warm with grey colors and the home-like atmosphere comes out through the all-white surface of the office’s wall.

Via studiostockholm

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