CAB Apartment: Modern Interior of An Apartment with Wooden Wall and Floor

CAB Apartment 6

In 2017, Studio AG Architecture has been completed a 220-meter square project in Sao Paulo called CAB Apartment. The architect uses wood materials to design the modern interior of this apartment, especially for the wall and floor. The best thing about CAB apartment is its long balcony and the sliding wooden door that can hide the small kitchen from the main space.


CAB Apartment 11

CAB Apartment 10

More than a half wall of this apartment is designed in white and the rest is made from the beautiful wood material, including the floor. With this unique way, the modern interior design in this apartment absolutely looks interesting and attractive to be seen.



CAB Apartment 9

CAB Apartment 8

CAB Apartment has an elongated space. There is no room divider inside it except the wooden wall in the kitchen area. The living and dining area are placed in one big space with the long balcony that covered by big white curtains. With the wooden floor and wall, the atmosphere in this apartment feels warmer.



CAB Apartment 7

CAB Apartment 6

CAB Apartment 3

In the living area, two grey sofas and a wooden table are used to create the seating area. These items of furniture are placed above a grey rug. The flat TV is mounted to the textured white wall, adding more entertaining feeling to this living area. In order to create a matching design with the wood material, the wooden chairs are used in the dining area together with the elegant glass table.



CAB Apartment 5

CAB Apartment 4

Studio GA Architecture tries to create a natural sense of the modern interior design in this apartment. That’s why there are no many colors that they used to design the interior. The natural sense and feeling come from the green plants on the pot and some decorations on the wall like frame and book on the table.



CAB Apartment 1

CAB Apartment 12

CAB Apartment 2

Some decorations like small plants on white pots, books, unique frames, lamps, and also flowers are used to beautify the modern interior design in this awesome apartment. Those decorations can remove the plain look of the interior and add a more attractive look to the whole apartment space.

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