Apartment João Crisóstomo II: A Modern Apartment with White Interiors and A Wooden Floor

Apartment João Crisóstomo II 4

João Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos has been completed a modern apartment project in 2017 called Apartment João Crisóstomo II. It is a perfect apartment for those who want to live in a modern lifestyle surrounded by a bright atmosphere. White interiors with a wooden floor and beautiful patterns on the ceiling are the highlights in this project.


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The entire walls and ceilings in this apartment are painted in white while in some rooms such as the bedroom and kitchen area, the beautifully patterned ceilings are added to bring a decorative appearance. In order to create a warm atmosphere and natural look combined with the white interiors, the wooden floor comes as the main key.



Apartment João Crisóstomo II 4

Apartment João Crisóstomo II 5

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The bright feeling in the kitchen comes from the white surfaces on the kitchen set, kitchen island, and the storage. The use of perfect lighting also can add a beautiful effect where the light bounces off from the white surface to entire spaces of the kitchen. The contrast look between the white surfaces and the natural color from the wooden floor also can be seen clearly in this room.



Apartment João Crisóstomo II 7

Apartment João Crisóstomo II 8

Apartment João Crisóstomo II 9

It is a little bit different from the kitchen where the bathroom is dominated in the use of concrete to design the entire surfaces and the living area that has a variation comes from the furniture. The use of the grey sofa and black dining table in the main area of the apartment is completed with a beautiful pattern on the ceiling.


Apartment João Crisóstomo II Gallery


Photographer: FG + SG

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