WRD Office: Contemporary Interior Design of A Law Firm Office with Sensational Environment

WRD Office 12

WRD Office is a law form office designed by Studio AG Architecture located in Sao Paulo. This project began in 2017 and completed in 2018 with 320 meter square for the total area. The contemporary interior is designed with a range of materials and structures, creating a sensational environment to the office spaces.


WRD Office 12

WRD Office 11

The law firm needs office space for exchange knowledge and increasing the interaction. WIth the contemporary interior design, this office has an expansion highlight with a combination of a lighting system that can radiate to the whole office space.



WRD Office 10

WRD Office 9

Every space in this office is developed with a suspended wood pendant and also a tensioned screen to create a diffuse light plane. The unique look comes from Brazilian woods with the newest lighting technology mixing. Those materials can give identity and strength to this office interior.



WRD Office 8

WRD Office 7

The individual work rooms are separated from the living environment by a metal partition. This separation is not barring the natural light and the artificial lighting for the office room. Every room and privacy can be kept well without eliminating the awesome sights of the office contemporary interior.



WRD Office 6

WRD Office 5

The element rhythm and orthogonality of the office are strengthened by the metallic mesh that can create a soft architecture near the auditorium door. This kind of architecture design also can invite all users to explore the office space and find all interesting things inside it.



WRD Office 4

WRD Office 3

The contemporary interior design for WRD office is also created with the concept of a horizontal line, especially below the beams to deliver the amplitude and lightness to the office space. This awesome concept is shown with the wooden panel that doesn’t reach the slab, including the auditorium block and the metal partition.



WRD Office 2

WRD Office 1

With the silent and natural color palette, Studio AG Architecture can bring a residential coziness feeling into this law firm office. This feeling can strengthen the employee relationships and connecting them well. The local culture also can be found in the use of furniture from the great Brazilian designers with the native wood and concrete that combined.

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